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Thera-sport was established in 1999 and in 2005 was invited to set up a physiotherapy and rehab clinic at the John Smith Stadium. The idea was to set up a service that would benefit both the elite sports club as well as the local community for a whole range of problems. The idea to link first class facilities, with experienced clinicians to offer diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention for a wide range of injuries and conditions.

Thera-sport invested £100,000 in bringing state of the art equipment to the Stadium including an Isokinectic Suite for testing and rehabbing injuries. The AlterG treadmill for anyone struggling to walk or run including neurological conditions/amputees/breathing problems and sports people.

Unfortunately in 2015 KSDL felt a part time coffee bar was more important than a £100,000 rehab facility and evicted Thera-sport.

Thera-Sport Is Here To Help You

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Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain is the most common problem that people suffer from when attending a physiotherapist. We can help relieve the pain and provide a long-term solution in most cases.

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Sports Injuries

We are experts in the treatment of sports injuries. With many years experience working with professional sportsmen and women we appreciate that rapid recovery is important.

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Anti-Gravity Treadmill

We are one of very few clinics to have its own Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill to help with walking and running after injury or a stroke. Also helps with breathing problems.

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Download Documents

We have a range of self-help documents for you to download. They help you to improve your health in areas such as posture while sitting, manual handling, etc.

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Our Clinic

The Thera-Sport clinic is fully equipped with the most up-to-date facilities.

With advanced equipment such as the Anti-Gravity Treadmill, TOG GaitScan, Isokinetic Exerciser and more we can give you the latest and best treatment for injuries and pain. Most importantly is the skill and experience of our qualified physiotherapist who has been practising for many years with both sportsmen/women and medical referrals from GPs.

Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Thera-Sport has invested more than £100,000 in bringing state of the art equipment to the clinic in Huddersfield including the Alter-G treadmill for anyone struggling to walk or run including neurological conditions, amputees, people with breathing problems and sports people.



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